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.ExternalClass .itemDetails p a { color:#2b94a3 !important; } </style> <h1>Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario

1 Yonge Street, Suite 2402
Toronto, Ontario M5E 1E5
Tel: 416-212-3893
Fax: 416-212-3899

Office of the President

  • Harvey P. Weingarten

    Harvey P. Weingarten | President & CEO.

    Dr. Harvey P. Weingarten became President and CEO of the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) on July 1, 2010.  Prior to his role at HEQCO, Harvey Weingarten was President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calgary from 2001 to 2010.   Read more...

    Tel: 416-212-3821 | Email

  • Photo not available

    Ellen Permato | Executive Assistant to the President & Board

    Tel: 416-212-3821 | Email


  • Ken Norrie

    Ken Norrie | Vice President, Research

    Ken Norrie most recently served as provost and vice president, academic at McMaster University, where he is also professor of economics. Read more...

    Tel: 416-212-3842 | Email

  • Louise Winberg

    Louise Winberg | Research Program Administrator

    I am the research program administrator at HEQCO. My main responsibilities include managing our research contracts and work plan, facilitating the copyediting process and overseeing the research budget. Read more...

    Tel: 416-212-3823 | Email

  • Fiona Deller

    Fiona Deller | Research Director

    I am a research director at HEQCO where I focus on issues related to accessibility, accountability and pathways for under-represented students. Read more...

    Tel: 416-212-3834 | Email

  • Ursula McCloy

    Ursula McCloy | Research Director

    I have been a research director with HEQCO since the summer of 2007, responsible for designing, conducting, and/or managing externally contracted and in-house research, with an emphasis on the college sector. Read more...

    Tel: 416-212-3808 | Email

  • Richard Wiggers

    Richard Wiggers | Research Director

    I am responsible for managing two large groups of HEQCO research projects: Student Services and Teaching & Learning – as well a variety of other major HEQCO research projects, including an ongoing multi-institution research project on Work-Integrated Learning. Read more...

    Tel: 416-212-3881 | Email

  • Kristyn Frank

    Kristyn Frank | Research Analyst

    As a research analyst for HEQCO, my primary research interests involve the examination of labour market outcomes of postsecondary graduates, with particular interest in variations by level of schooling and field of study choices, through the use of quantitative methods. Read more...

    Tel: 416-212-3830 | Email

  • Angelika Kerr

    Angelika Kerr | Research Analyst

    I joined HEQCO in 2009 as a research analyst, providing research support to HEQCO directors. Projects that I am involved in include gender patterns in postsecondary education, postsecondary transfer and mobility, work-integrated learning, and adult education.  Read more...

    Tel: 416-314-8642 | Email

  • Mary Catharine Lennon

    Mary Catharine Lennon | Research Analyst

    I am a research analyst at HEQCO.  I support and produce research largely focused on issues of governance, accountability, quality assurance, and system design.  Read more...

    Tel: 416-314-8780 | Email

  • Shuping Liu

    Shuping Liu | Research Analyst

    I am a research analyst with HEQCO. My primary interest is in the labour market outcomes of postsecondary graduates and the PSE choices of youth.  Read more...

    Tel: 416-212-5243 | Email

  • Huizi Zhao

    Huizi Zhao | Research Analyst

    I have been a research analyst with HEQCO since the summer of 2008, responsible for designing, conducting, and/or assisting with externally contracted and in-house research projects, with an emphasis on quantitative research involving data managing and analysis.  Read more...

    Tel: 416-212-5246 | Email


  • Susan Bloch-Nevitte

    Susan Bloch-Nevitte | Executive Director, Communications

    As executive director of communications for HEQCO, I am part of a creative communications team that is focused on increasing public awareness of HEQCO’s important research into postsecondary access, quality and accountability. Read more...

    Tel: 416-212-5242 | Email

  • Matt Ross

    Matt Ross | Research Communications Officer

    As HEQCO’s research communications officer, I am focused on connecting with diverse audiences and sharing the valuable research being done on postsecondary education in Ontario.  Read more...

    Tel: 416-212-3797 | Email

  • Ainsley Matthews

    Ainsley Matthews | Events and Publications Coordinator

    As events and publications coordinator, I am responsible for planning and executing events that showcase the exciting research being done at HEQCO and in the broader postsecondary education sector. Read more...

    Tel: 416-212-5248 | Email

Executive and Corporate Services

  • Diana Macri

    Diana Macri | Chief Administrative Officer

    Diana Macri joined HEQCO as chief administrative officer on December 1, 2009.  For over a decade she held director-level positions in the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.  Read more...

    Tel: 416-212-3820 | Email

  • Photo not available

    Mari Stewart | Office Manager

    Tel: 416-212-3839 | Email

  • Photo not available

    Paul Vandenburg | Contracts Manager

    Tel: 416-212-5249 | Email

  • Photo not available

    Ava Burton | Receptionist

    Tel: 416-212-3893 | Email