Why should we care about the sustainability of Ontario’s postsecondary education sector? Because students merit, for the time and money they invest in their education, a high quality, meaningful experience that prepares them for their future personal and professional lives. Because the broader public, for the investment it makes, deserves a higher-education system that is equipped to do all that the province and society require of it. These benefits, both public and private, can be realized only if the education offered by Ontario’s public colleges and universities is of high quality. And institutions can deliver quality outcomes only when they are on sustainable footing. To remain sustainable, they must be able to deliver academic quality with the revenues available to them.

Our work on this issue has revealed that sustainability is about more than just financial considerations. It is about the capacity of institutions to sustain and improve the quality of the education they provide. This is the raison d’être of the system.  

It’s time to revise the sustainability narrative. Quality should be the unchanging variable in the sustainability equation.

The Sustainability of the Ontario Public Postsecondary System: Putting Together the Pieces of the Puzzle ​​​

Read our capstone report on the issue of sustainability of the postsecondary system​​.

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