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​​​​​​The Evaluation

There is much discussion of the perceived "skills-gap" in the postsecondary sector. What can be done to adjust the postsecondary experience so that students graduate with not only a knowledge base, but also the skills needed in today's workplaces?

One of the attempts to address this issue is the Ontario government's investment providing blanket access for all publicly funded colleges and universities in Ontario to the online self-service training and skill-development resources on until September 2020.

​HEQCO is working with eCampusOntario​ to assess how students feel about the skills they are gaining from their postsecondary experience, where they feel they could improve and how well the initiative is working to help students gain the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

HEQCO's work will be based on answering the following questions:

1. Is there a perceived student skills gap and what does it look like?​​
2. How and to what extent are students, faculty and staff utilizing content?
3. Is a good tool for student skill development outside of the classroom?

Minding the Gap? Ontario Postsecondary Students’ Perceptions on the State of Their Skills​

A group of 6,360 students was recruited through the Student Life Network to complete a 10-minute online survey. The survey focused on both transferable skills (for example, problem solving, teamwork, leadership and organization) and professional skills (for example, financial literacy, data analysis, public speaking and IT skills). Some of those surveyed also participated in focus groups. The results are reported in Minding the Gap? Ontario Postsecondary Students’ Perceptions on the State of Their Skills, a new report published by HEQCO.​

​Read the report​

Evaluating Platform Usage: An Analysis of 2018–19 Data​

​​About 80,000 Ontario postsecondary students, faculty and staff took advantage of free access to a library of video tutorials provided by during the 2018–19 school year, according to a report that analyzed usage data on the online learning platform owned by LinkedIn Corp. 

In 2017, the Ontario government purchased a blanket licence for students, faculty and staff at all public universities and colleges in the province to (now known as LinkedIn Learning). The 2018–19 year was the first full year of availability. The three-year pilot licence is set to expire in September 2020.

​Read the report​​