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Utilizing the Indigenous Learning Outcomes to Assess the Global Citizenship of Learners

Lead researcher(s): S. Brenda Small and Emily Willson, Confederation College

This study is a multiphase research project to create a critical-thinking assessment tool based on the Indigenous Learning Outcomes (ILOs) and Indigenous understandings of critical thinking. Phase one will include the formation of a steering committee and a literature review. Phase two will create a draft rubric for the ILOs and test it. Phase three will summarize discussions around the rubric and inform the anchor paper that will be a part of a handbook.  

This study is part of HEQCO’s Learning Outcomes Assessment Consortium composed of postsecondary institutions in the province. Their goal is to pilot assessment tools and techniques that are scalable at the institutional level.​

Materials and Outcomes

​Throughout the course of this project, updates and final reports will be posted here.