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Learning Outcomes Assessment Consortium

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What are the benefits of higher education? There is more to a student’s decision to continue on to higher education than the pursuit of further learning. The phrase “learning outcomes” can be used to describe not only the knowledge, but also the skills that students will be expected to acquire over the course of a program of study. It is within these learning outcomes that the value added by a university or college program can be found, the value that goes beyond the transfer of knowledge.

Understanding what a student can do with knowledge is a little more nuanced than measuring what they know. That’s where the Learning Outcomes Assessment Consortium (LOAC) comes in. This alliance between the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) and Ontario postsecondary institutions was created to explore ways of assessing student competencies.

Read "Driving Academic Quality: Lessons from Ontario’s Skills Assessment Projects" summarizing the lessons learned during the first phase of HEQCO’s LOAC ​projects.