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Access and Retention Consortium (ARC)

Many institutions, charitable or non-profit agencies and community-based organizations have programs geared toward increasing postsecondary accessibility and improving retention rates among under-represented students, however, evaluation of what works and dissemination of those results to the wider community is less common. Through the Access and Retention Consortium (ARC), HEQCO is working with partners that want to evaluate and demonstrate effective programs and interventions. 

ARC projects are multi-year projects evaluating the effectiveness of existing access and retention programs focusing on traditionally underrepresented students. This includes an evaluation of an existing tool, program or approach related to access or retention; evaluating the impact of scaling an intervention that has already been shown to work or developing a partnership between PSE institutions, school boards and/or community partners. 

Through a commitment to sharing promising practices, ARC members participate in regular meetings to share research findings as well as various knowledge mobilization strategies, such as presenting at conferences or writing blog posts, to share their approaches and learnings with other members of the consortium, as well as the broader postsecondary community.

HEQCO’s ARC Projects​

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