Donna Kotsopoulos - A radical re-engineering of mathematics education
Published: 20/02/2014  11:35 AM
Guest blogger: Donna KotsopoulosRecent international and national standardized tests suggest that mathematical ability in Canada is on the decline. There is other evidence, too. Fewer students are completing mathematics degrees. Retention in those ...[Read more]

Fiona Deller - Need to Read No. 3: Dystopian futures, edtech roundup and the social responsibility of universities
Published: 14/02/2014  11:44 AM
One of the many things we do at HEQCO is read the trades. We try to keep up on the latest research, as well as the media commentary, relevant books and the blogosphere. We read the good, the bad, the controversial and the bland. This year, we th ...[Read more]

Harvey P. Weingarten - Managing for Quality: Classifying Learning Outcomes
Published: 13/02/2014  12:16 PM
My previous contributions on “managing for quality” have addressed the challenges of shifting away from our current policy of managing for access and why learning outcomes is a game changer in the higher education world.   To use learning outcomes p ...[Read more]

Varun Vig - Pathways: From priority neighbourhood to postsecondary education
Published: 06/02/2014  11:48 AM
Guest blogger: Varun VigPostsecondary access has long been a research priority for HEQCO. Our current focus is on the participation of students from underrepresented groups. Following is a blog on the experiences and pathways of Torontonian Varun Vi ...[Read more]

Fiona Deller - Need to Read No. 2
Published: 31/01/2014  3:42 PM
Pathways, ROIs and competenciesIf you are interested in student transitions and pathways and you are not following the work being done in BC, you should take a look at the latest report in the BC transitions project, which follows students who enter ...[Read more]

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