Martin Hicks - Data in Quarantine
Published: 08/04/2014  10:12 AM
Higher education is often pitched as an investment -- by individuals in their future, and by the public in a strong economy and an engaged citizenry.  Good investors do their homework and base their decisions on facts and data.  Does Canada have suf ...[Read more]

Fiona Deller - Need To Read: The ROI on degrees, the Skills Gap and Student Debt
Published: 03/04/2014  12:21 PM
Sharing the best in postsecondary news and commentary Last week the American PayScale put out their annual report on return on investment (ROI). They have an interactive site you can play with here. There was plenty of commentary, with the Atlanti ...[Read more]

Martin Hicks - The alchemist’s dream
Published: 27/03/2014  10:30 AM
Just tell me, please, where the jobs of the future will be.  Then those working in higher education can plan accordingly, adjust the credential and programming mix, and drive students into the right programs.  Actually students won’t need driving, ...[Read more]

Fiona Deller - Need to Read: Changes x 3: SAT, teaching and learning, MOOCs
Published: 21/03/2014  9:43 AM
One of the many things we do at HEQCO is read the trades. We try to keep up on the latest research, as well as the media commentary, relevant books and the blogosphere. We read the good, the bad, the controversial and the bland. This year, we though ...[Read more]

Fiona Deller - Need to Read No. 4: An employer expectations gap, competency-based education is not PLAR...
Published: 07/03/2014  8:33 AM
This piece from Time came out in June 2012 (thanks to a colleague for bringing it to my attention), but it’s still on point so I wanted to share. It also contains one of the best lines I read this week: "Candidate must have previous experienc ...[Read more]

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