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 The following list provides information on current research projects supported by HEQCO.

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  • A Study of Academic Advisement in the Partners' Program: A Student Service Project to Increase University Access

    This is a study of the input, implementation and impact of focused and targeted academic student advising to determine how such support helps ‘conditionally admissible’ students gain admission to university and progress through their first year. This project is part of a larger group of funded research (HEQCO-RFP-006: The Role of Student Services in Promoting Educational Quality) aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of specific student services projects or programs in supporting access, retention and quality.
    Value: $ 99,858.00
  • Alternative and International Practicum Models in Teacher Education

    In the Laurier and Nipissing concurrent education program, innovative practices are being implemented which are directly related to the practicum component and involve collaborative and reciprocal learning opportunities for teacher candidates (student teachers) in a variety of settings. The practices are mentorship pairings between novices (first year) and mentor (upper year) teacher candidates and alternative ‘service learning’ placements in community agencies and international school settings. This project will assess these innovative practices to determine their effectiveness in promoting the professional growth of teacher candidates. The factors affecting the experiences of teacher candidates will be examined and recommendations for further implementation will result from the research findings.
    Value: $ 34,240.00
  • An Evaluation of the Collegiate Learning Assessment as a Tool for Enhancing Pedagogical Practice and Student Learning

    CLA will be piloted across the Faculties of Arts and Social Science, Nursing, and Engineering which will incorporate 21 programs and disciplines. It will evaluate the usefulness of the resulting data for assessing overall and faculty-specific student learning and progress, and informing a more evidence-based approach to student skill development. In absence of SAT scores, the Scholastic Level Exam will be administered.
    Value: $ 28,848.00
  • An Examination of Apprenticeship Retention and Completion in Ontario

    This project aims to determine if providing an intervention consisting of support and resources will reduce apprentice attrition rates. The intervention will consist of a focused, up-front, supportive education and training program for apprentices with an emphasis on building their resilience. The study will involve 100 apprentices newly registered in traditional trades, half of whom will participate in a series of 12 workshops, the other half who will be monitored for completion rates, but who will not engage in the workshops. Results will yield both quantitative and qualitative data adding to a greater understanding of apprenticeship non-completion. Findings from this research will influence how apprentice training programs are conducted, as well as help to better understand the barriers that exist when completing an apprenticeship.
    Value: $ 37,785.00

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